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Standalone automatic optical inspection device for assembled printed circuit boards.

Progressing SMT elements miniaturization and placing density, forces more accurate inspection need. It's a key to product quality.

App Studio's VidaSpect - is an innovation which allowes you to meet modern market challenges. It was created as a responce to our production department demands - intuitive AOI device with big scanning area, fast enaugh to fulfill growing production numbers.

VidaSpect - complex diagnostic system for automatic optical inspection of assembled printed circuit boards.

Created for businesses assembling either short prototype series or mass production companies.

It's a solution designed by professionals for professionals.

We are EU based company working with new technologies for years. Care for details and creativity based by solid knowledge is our policy.

App Studio

About us

App Studio's begginings reach as far as 1998.

For a first few years we were developing business software which gave us knowledge about development tools as well as project menagement and team work. Early products were mainly client-server software for a Windows, MS SQL Server, Oracle and Sybase platforms. Our interest in electronics resulted in 2000 with system of controllers for environment condition monitoring for industrial server rooms. Soon after we have created distributed system for online fiscal receipt printing. In our work we have used own micro operating system and TCP/IP stack.

In 2004 we have entered alternative fuel conversion kits market - mainly LPG and CNG Since then we have succesfully introduced whole family of Agis devices (

Another range of our interests is industrial automatics, robotics and image processing. Due to growing number of more and more sophisticated devices in our product range, in 2011 we have bought AOI device. Unfortunately we were disappointed with ergonomy and work speed. That's where an idea of own AOI system was born.

VidaSpect system is a result of several years of work and another dozen years of experience. Since 2015 it's used in our own facility at daily basis. It gives us unique possibility to develop and improve device , as a standard user and developer in one.

VidaSpect Scanner

VidaSpect scanner is a hardware part of the system. Allows us to preview complete PCB, thus shortening the analysis time , this way we can offer much cheaper system attractive also for small businesses. VidaSpect is offered both as complete work place, inline module or software only.

Data specs:

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VidaSpect software

VidaSpect Software - efficient AOI solution

VidaSpect Software is an efficient tool designed for PCB inspection, originally created for our own needs. Available is choice of several versions, customized for different needs.

Avaliable Licenses:

VidaSpect - scanning range: A3 (297x420 mm or 11,7"x16,5") scanning resolution 7000x9900 dots per image. Sample project sized 220 x 310 mm (8,7" x 12,2" ), 2000 elements , scans in 30 sec and get analyzed in 7 to 20 sec.

VdaSpect software main features:

Additional features:

Percise vision configuration:

CPU pin analysis

Support for all project stages

Tech files

VidaSpect technical documentation download in pdf format.

Instructional videos.


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